Het Financieele Dagblad

FD | 2015

Verplichte leeskost voor op vakantie (Dutch only)

Article in the Financieele Dagblad with Oscar David.


NRC | 2016

Waarom zijn Persons of the Year 57 jaar? (Dutch only)

In lists with powerful people, especially 50 year old people appear. Article in NRC Handelsblad.

Het Parool

The Parool | 2017

‘The combination of adrenaline and testosterone makes their moral compass work less well. They imagine themselves invincible.’


MT/Sprout | 2021

Rarely has a president’s management style been so different from that of his predecessor. What kind of new leader did the Americans get anyway?

MT/Sprout | 2018

Leiderschap 3.0 – Wat sustainability leadership jou en je organisatie oplevert (Dutch only)

‘Sustainable leaders know how to increase their organization’s capacity for innovation’

MT/Sprout | 2018

Making the right moral choices is not only becoming increasingly important but also more difficult, says Oscar David, adjunct professor at TIAS School for Business and Society.

MT/Sprout | 2018

In reality, a third factor is at least as important, argues Oscar David of TIAS School for Business and Society. ‘Without chance, luck or timing there is no excellent leadership.’

MT/Sprout | 2017

Power is about sex. And sex is about power. There is much to learn from this, even for managers in everyday organizations.

MT/Sprout | 2017

Neuroscience is teaching us to understand better and better how power works. Our reptilian brain still plays a big role in this, says Oscar David.

MT/Sprout | 2017

Saying that your door is always open to everyone? Sounds nice, but as long as you don’t know whether your colleagues will dare, you won’t achieve much, argues Oscar David of TIAS School for Business and Society.

MT/Sprout | 2017

Many decisions we make without being aware of them. How can we turn off that autopilot and take the wheel ourselves again?

MT/Sprout | 2017

Power in this day and age is no longer the law of the jungle, to be contained by checks and balances. But the ability to create and connect in a serving way.

MT/Sprout | 2017

Even the most powerful men and women in the Netherlands are not likely to hear you say of themselves that they have power. Where exactly does this fear come from?

MT/Sprout | 2016

Frank Underwood is a mirror for every leader how they handle power and integrity, according to psychologist Oscar David.


Management Book | 2016

In human relationships, power always plays a role. But how do we actually acquire it? And then: how can we preserve it?

Management Book | 2016

What can leaders learn from it? In this article, Oscar David discusses the addictive effects of power.

Management Book | 2016

The Wolf of Wallstreet visited our country last week to conduct an extremely expensive workshop. Review by Oscar David, author of the book Power: “He’s not selling worthless stocks now, but contentless workshops for a lot of money.

Management Book | 2016

In Oscar David’s recently published book Power!, Boris Dittrich explains that D66 would have been close to splitting in two during the debate over Uruzgan. ‘I felt blackmailed.’

De Kamer – Achmea (Dutch only)

De Kamer | 2019

Er zit een Trump in ieder van ons (Dutch only)

“We are looking for a new moral compass to capture the impact of work on life, especially as digitalization invades our lives 24/7.

Focus Learning Journeys

Focus Learning Journeys | 2015

Without an ability to be able to put one’s own ego aside, things often get out of hand. So writes psychologist Oscar David in his book Power!

Focus Learning Journeys | 2020

Because we all know the shadow sides, power often evokes negative associations. Yet organizational psychologist David believes in the evolution toward a more integer form of power exercise.

Focus Learning Journeys | 2020

A constructive starting point to contribute what is possible in a new reality.

Focus Learning Journeys | 2014

Power is like sex and money, says Oscar David. ‘It plays all the time, but you’d rather not talk about it.’